My name is Corban, and I’m a computer nerd. Calling myself a computer nerd is kinda funny since my undergrad was getting a BS in psychology. While I was going to school, I was spending my free time setting up Linux servers in my basement…. FOR FUN!. My first “real” job was configuring benefit systems. But I really got my start working for a little startup doing help desk and Linux systems administration. I started up school again and got an MSIS(Master of Science Information Systems). Around the time I graduated, I got a new Job doing Linux systems administration at a much larger scale than I had previously ever dealt with.

I worked with a team that managed thousands of servers across multiple AWS accounts. After a few years, I moved into software development full time. I’ve used Puppet, Chef, Salt, and Ansible(I admit that I’m partial to Ansible) when managing servers. I develop mostly using Ruby right now, although my favorite language at the moment is probably Crystal. I’ve used and liked Python previously. I’m not the biggest fan of Javascript, but like most people who need to develop client side, are forced to use it. I currently use most Hashicorp products, such as Terraform, Vagrant, Consul, Vault, and Packer. I use Docker, and in some circumstances, even like it(such as CI).